Understand Your Engines: Why Does Your Body Prefer Carbohydrates as Exercise Intensity Increases??Understanding the biochemistry of our incredible bodies will help you make dietary choices that fuel your chosen movement.

As the intensity of your dance or sport increases from rest to near maximal levels, there is a gradual transition from using glucose and some fat for energy to using more glucose and glycogen (the storage form of glucose – the gasoline that fuels us as humans). We cannot change this. This is how we work. Why do our bodies begin to uptake more glucose and glycogen? It is because they are the major sources of adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP is our body’s preferred energy source.

From a biochemical standpoint, more ATP is produced when we elevate our heart rates (as in aerobic types of movement – think challenging choreography!) and from the breakdown of our grains, fruits and veggies than from the breakdown of fat. Stop following fad diets that have you eliminate these humanly essential macronutrients. Give your body what is was designed to use effortlessly as fuel.

But listen up! As your dance and sport intensity increases our bodies use more fast-twitch fibers to support our movement. Because of the components of these special muscle fibers that help us move consistently and quickly, they actually contain special enzymes that are exactly suited to use carbohydrates for our needed ATP production.

How does all this science translate into real life? Eating consistently with a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the the amounts needed to keep your weight from fluctuating and to keep your energy and health up. This is different for each one of us. There is NO one right way to eat. If you need more help figuring out what is best for you, click the link in the bio. There is no charge for a free 15 minute phone consult.

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